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Crisis: An Opportunity for Growth

When will this situation end? What will happen after that? These are the most common questions that invariably arise during a crisis.
Growth after a Crisis is the most crucial topic affecting our performance during a disaster. A crisis can teach us how to find opportunities and how much power we have. Many influential people have been involved with trauma, emphasizing power improvement.
Harvard Business Review mentioned in an article that growth after trauma is a compulsion, but through psychotherapy, people can regulate emotions, education, and personal narrative development. So, if we skip the challenging conditions during a crisis, we can note that the trauma is not that bad.

If we skip the challenging conditions during a crisis, we can note that the trauma is not that bad.

Finding new opportunities
You may also be one of those who started a business before Corona and invested considerable time and money, which went down the drain with social distancing. At the same time, many trades were looking for a solution. For example, the wise owner of a newly launched restaurant decided to sell semi-prepared or ready-to-cook food instead of preparing one. We must adapt and innovate when new events disrupt past habits and strategic roles during negative experiences. In a crisis, the organization’s leaders must have the courage and enthusiasm to try new paths. It is superior to accept change instead of fear.

Recognizing our strengths
It must have happened to you that you were shocked by your strengths during a crisis, or you found tolerance conditions impossible, but now the situation is over. Time is one of the most magical opportunities in our life. Although physicians consider that time is what a clock reads, passing critical conditions will be easier with the benefit of time. Nothing lives forever. If we believe in it, not only will we suffer less among challenges, but also we will not be proud of happiness.

Reviewing relationships
In a crisis, the presence of people around you can be decisive. Review who was by your side and tried to overcome the trauma. And who constantly made the situation challenging or felt afraid. Corona reminded us that the connection between people could keep our spirits up despite social distancing. For this reason, social media and Instagram live have become more popular.

Thinking logically
When we experience loss, we often become better at understanding what we still have. Is it more reasonable for leaders of organizations to reevaluate their strengths in challenging situations; What products and services do we offer to society? How is their quality? How loyal are our customers? What have we done for this loyalty? What is our contribution to the improvement of society?
Reviewing these features will help you to be more logical with a broader perspective to find a solution to overcome difficulties. We should appreciate life to keep doing something worthwhile.


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