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AI Transportation Continues to Grow

With the spread of Coronavirus, people’s regular lives have changed and shaped new norms and needs. Artificial intelligence is one of the essential norms that entered our daily life based on digital technologies. AI entered our life as we used Waze or any other application or paid attention to shopping suggestions or music apps. 

Furthermore, AI will help us create better and safer experiences for those on the go. A new age of sustainable, accessible, and inclusive mobility is driving the transportation industry. Mobility as a service will require innovations in our existing transportation infrastructure that can transcend the disparate modes of transportation mobility as a service is not just a vision for transportation nirvana. It is the lever to empower network livable communication to benefit everyone.

AI in transportation researches traffic patterns looking for the causes of delays or reasons for traffic congestion.

AI transportation is expected as organizations look to generate more revenue and maintain a competitive edge as intelligent transportation and volumes of data continue to grow.   

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